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Didier Dupont Analist Developer, 15 years at Cegeka

“I entered the world of IT via evening courses and Cegeka welcomed me with open arms. For years, I’ve been working at different Cegeka customers’ sites before joining the in-house team as a technical designer. What I appreciate most about Cegeka? Their trust in their employees, which is clearly reflected in the freedom we have in choosing our work schedules. It’s the results that count and not when and where we achieve these results. That’s particularly handy for me now that I’m following a bachelor’s degree in IT. Cegeka gives me the room I need to follow my courses. I’m sure that the company’s growth will open up even more new prospects for us to broaden our scope. In return, I’m happy to cope with the increased administration and structure that is inextricably linked to a growing company.”