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Geert De Smet Functional Analyst, Senior

“As one of the first Belgian graduates with a degree in IT, I started working at Orda-B over 43 years ago, in 1974. It was the age of punch cards: we wrote our code by hand on coding sheets and operators would punch them in on a key punch machine and feed them into a card reader. There were no hard drives, no floppy drives, no magnetic tapes, let alone a ‘cloud’ in which to store your data. The world has changed a lot since then and I’ve had to follow quite a bit of trainings to keep up. Apart from the technology, today’s working environment is definitely more stressful and demanding. Yet, I’m a lucky woman in that I’m still able to work for customers that I’ve known for over twenty years. Every single one of them remains satisfied with the services that Cegeka delivers – that’s pretty impressive, isn’t it?”