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Jean-Pierre Prosman Agile developer, 25 years at Cegeka

“25 years ago, I swapped my job at IBM for the role of software developer at Cegeka. Over the years, I’ve seen our company grow from a small firm with around 70 employees to an international group. I won’t deny there’s a bit of nostalgia about ‘the good old days’, when we all knew each other and the organization was less structured. Yet, in spite of the growth, Cegeka has remained flexible and open, which I really appreciate. My future at Cegeka? I love what I’m doing. In spite of my 25 years as a software developer, I’m still bitten by the development bug and I enjoy the company of my younger colleagues. And If I’d ever want to take on a different role, I know there are plenty of other opportunities within the group.”