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Rudy Lambrix Data Center Support Engineer, 15 years at Cegeka

“In 2003, I got the chance to start at the IBM helpdesk for Cegeka, after which I’ve been an operator for Cegeka for 10 years. When Cegeka started building their new data center two years ago, I got on board to help design and install the hardware and networking infrastructure. That was an amazing opportunity for me, as my roots were not at all IT-related: I have a degree in social work, which was really not my cup of tea. That’s typically Cegeka: they motivate their people to push their boundaries. And they’re open; I have a very close bond with my line manager, who is always available to help or give advice. Last but not least, as a divorced dad, the flexible work schedule allows me to go home earlier during weeks when I’m parenting my kids. That helps a lot at home and is a great motivator for me at work!”