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Sam De Frene Sr. Enterprise Architect, 5 years at Cegeka

“After years in an international, technical role at a German telecom company, I absolutely wanted to work for Cegeka. I’d been following the company for a while and I was already a fan, impressed by its growth and its down-to-earth approach. My enthusiasm yielded me a job as an enterprise architect. I was really impressed with the know-how and dedication of my colleagues when I started here. Cegeka is unique: it’s a rapidly growing company that employs over 3,000 people that is managed like an SME – openly, dynamically, flexibly and with a real heart for people; employees as well as customers. I haven’t regretted my choice for a second. I’m even so committed to my new role that I’m now doing an MBA in Business Management to broaden my business know-how.”