Retrospect 2019


Anton Vreugdenhil

Anton Vreugdenhil
Managing Director

For cegeka-dsa, 2019 marked impressive progress. We achieved significant success due to new customer wins, contract extensions for our five largest customers, the acquisition of CNS and our cloud solution’s successful pilot. The innovation of our portfolio and the continued commitment of our customers illustrate the strength of cegeka-dsa.

In 2019, we reinforced our position in the Dutch real estate market. Five new customers boosted our market share from 31% to 33%, which bolstered cegeka-dsa’s position as a market leader. Furthermore, we celebrated the contract renewal with our top five customers as well as a significant increase in customer satisfaction.

In accordance with our strategy to become a 100% Online Solution Provider, our Dynamics 365 based cloud solution completed its pilot phase. Our pilot customer’s response and feedback were positive and encouraging, which boosted our confidence for the mid-2020 product launch: an exciting milestone for our customers to look forward to.

We believe that the value of secure and accurate data continues to grow. The acquisition of Business Intelligence specialist CNS was therefore a logical step for us to take. Additionally, we invested in data security and internal controls (ISO 27001 and ISAE 3402 Type 2) resulting in improved quality standards.

Our revenue increase by 18% to EUR 19,7 million. We also began the transition from a license-based revenue model to a more sustainable subscription-based model. Our continued growth, both in numbers and performance, helped us attract new talent. New hires and continuous investment in training and development, prepared the team for our cloud transition.

Looking back at 2019, we are proud of the results. ‘In close cooperation’ with our colleagues, customers and partners, we continue to develop ourselves. Amid the coronavirus outbreak, we can only conclude that 2020 will be a challenging successor to 2019. As a company we will face new and unprecedented challenges, but as one team we will overcome them.


Annual Report

New deals increased our market share in the Netherlands to 33%;

Annual Report

Long-term contract renewals for our five biggest customers;

Annual Report

Acquisition of CNS, thus strengthening our expertise in the field of Business Intelligence.