Retrospect 2019


Stefania Donnabella

Stefania Donnabella
Managing Director Italy

2019 was a successful year. Cegeka Italia enjoyed a healthy growth (7%, outpacing the market) that was driven by numerous factors: a more industry-focused approach, new important solution releases, new digital and outsourcing projects, to name just a few. Focusing our efforts on specific offerings without dissipating energy proved key to the overall success.

The brand new myPlan4.0 solution for manufacturing was definitely one of the highlights of last year. Since its release, it has had a measurable impact on manufacturing companies, helping them achieve more in a fraction of the time it took them before.

Our commitment to support customers and to help ride the digital wave, is a recurring theme, and in 2019 we kicked it up a notch. We took on several projects that included a complete redesign of the website portal, restructuring the entire digital journey and user experience from the ground up.

The demand for our business solutions hit new heights in 2019. We’re also very proud of the work done ‘in close cooperation’ with our colleagues all over Europe as it boosted our growth through effective knowledge sharing.

In hindsight, considering the state of emergency the whole world is in right now, we’re particularly happy we have continued to invest in our managed services solutions. They play a pivotal role in unburdening companies and providing an extra layer of security, even more so during these uncertain times.

I also want to mention the new Cegeka Magazine, as a communication milestone. This new section of the website contains all of our expertise in a digestible and ready-to-use format that is regularly updated, and it is written with our customers top of mind.


Annual Report

On the Business Solutions side of things, we couldn’t be happier. We have worked on many new ERP projects for different industries, including pharma, food and logistics, with great results. We are happy to have had the chance to work on some very stimulating international projects. 

Annual Report

In this day and age security always comes first. That’s why we strengthened our IT Infrastructure proposition to give our customers even more peace of mind. The combination of managed services, cybersecurity and infrastructure automation are the perfect fit for companies that want their business to run smoothly and securely. 

Annual Report

Providing our customers with the right tools to navigate today’s digital landscape was one of our major goals for 2019. We managed to do that thanks to the right tools and platforms, deploying the right UX skills and constantly monitoring the performance of our customers’ online assets. 

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