Stijn Bijnens - CEO, Cegeka

Cloud: bringing order to the chaos

Nowadays, many CIO’s can’t see the wood for the trees in the cloud landscape. Which applications their organizations have running – and especially: where – has become hard to untangle, due to the rise of the public cloud and shadow IT. The result is cloud chaos. To bring order to that chaos, to make it transparent, manageable, stable but also malleable, that is the challenge. A challenge Cegeka is more than ready to take on.

Our approach is straightforward: we do for our customers what we think is best in the circumstances. What that ‘best’ is, is something we look at from a sober, economic point of view. We help customers design the cloud landscape that best fits their needs, with the exact right mix between public cloud, on-premise and private data center. In doing so, there are various things we manage: security, no lock-in, flexibility and compliance, to name just a few.

5G: the powerhouse behind the digital ecosystem

The advent of 5G will result in a gigantic data explosion, triggered by sensors and chips in millions of devices and machines. We can already see this happen in a number of verticals such as smart cities, mobility, connected health and farming. This begs the question: Where to go with all this data? Some parties involved might want alternatives to exporting the data to one of the major public clouds.

This is another domain in which Cegeka wants to create tangible impact. We are committed to helping our customers design and build secure and performing digital ecosystems, which will allow them to set up their own vertical mobile networks. In these networks, our customers will be able to process, manage and, if necessary, store this data. Securely, flexibly and compliantly.

A holistic approach to IT

Another aspect that will continue to gain importance is a holistic approach to IT. Business IT has become so complex and interconnected, it requires not only deep but also broad knowledge and expertise. That is why Cegeka keeps investing in a wide range of IT solutions and services: from applications and infrastructure to IT consultancy and emerging technologies.

We also see the importance of this in our innovation projects. At Cegeka, everyone is aware of the fact that the solution for a problem will most likely reside in a combination of technologies, rather than in one single technology in particular. Blockchain or Artificial Intelligence in themselves will seldom provide a solution. Again, it is this holistic view that allows us to approach and industrialize innovation in a manner that yields business results.

In Close Cooperation

For more than 25 years now, ‘In Close Cooperation’ has been the motto and modus operandi of our executive chairman and former CEO André Knaepen. It is part of the DNA of every single employee at Cegeka. The same goes for a no-nonsense can-do attitude, a customer-centric approach and a healthy dose of business flair.

Maintaining close relationships with our customers, being open and accessible, able to work together in mutual trust and complete transparency: in this family business it has always been and will continue to be of the utmost importance. I find it important that our customers are able to put a name and a face on the Cegeka people they work with.

This focus on people – our customers and their customers, our employees, business partners, stakeholders and investors – has been the key to our success for over a quarter of a century. I am extremely proud to be able to be of service to such a large group of talented people, and to be able to lead Cegeka ahead in such promising times.