Retrospect 2019

Cegeka Region East

Romania – Slovakia – Czech Republic – Republic of Moldova

Lucian Butnaru

Lucian Butnaru
Managing Director, Cegeka Region East

Cegeka has consolidated its nearshore presence in Eastern Europe in 2019, and reached an optimal, integrated onsite and nearshore services mix, for a full proposition within the overall Cegeka offering.

In Romania, headcount at our offices in Bucharest and Iasi reached 565 FTEs, for both cost and profit centers. Revenues in the profit center alone increased by 35% and profits increased by 52% in 2019, compared to 2018, through better allocation of resources.

From only an emerging player on the Romanian market for Professional Services / IT Staffing last year, Cegeka Romania is now at the very top of local providers, with a significant increase in personnel and general market recognition.

New projects have been completed successfully in the areas of AI/ML, Fintech and RPA, with new own-Cegeka IP generated - most notably the Intelligent Virtual Assistant, a world-class Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Generating tool (adaptable to any language).

In the Czech Republic, successful efforts were made towards the development of our own IP in the Banking & Insurance area; we are looking to further expand our business in this country through organic growth, but also possible acquisitions.

Upon carefully analyzing the entire marketspace in Eastern Europe, Cegeka decided to expand to the Republic of Moldova. Very attractive prices (lower than Ukraine) and quality developers have set us on this path, where we are in the process of establishing a strong market presence - leveraging Cegeka development processes and unique employee benefits to attract the best Moldovan talent.


Annual Report


Cegeka Romania was recognized as a top 5 IT employer by the “Romanian Glassdoor” -, in between Microsoft and Oracle.  

Annual Report

New office in the Republic of Moldova 

Marks a new, very attractive price offering for our nearshore services, delivered by talented engineers, at Cegeka standards of quality. 

Annual Report

Own IP development

In the fields of insurance, banking, fintech and Artificial Intelligence, ready to be used in new projects, to save time and costs.